My $100 to $200 a day methods (IT WORKS) consistently

My $100 to $200 a day methods (IT WORKS) consistently 

Hi all, i thought i would give back a little and share how im currently earning $100 to $200 days every day consistantly!

Im not going to show you any screenshots of earnings cus i think their all bogus crap that are fake and only their to entice you to buy something that wont work.

It may not be much but its a start and all you need to do is put what you earn back into it to earn more.
Yes this does require a little effort but you will earn money and what you get out of it depends on what you put into it!

There are 2 methods both of which earn same amount each day $100 to $200. So lets get started.

(Method 1) PPD (Paid To Download)

This method is very easy what we will be doing is finding something people want but cant get there hands on and making people fill in a survey in order to get it, each time they fill in the survey you will get paid a percentage.

step 1:

Find something that people want (badly) target desperate buyers so weather this might be a movie that has just came out in cinema or software that people want but cant get, all you need to do is find something that the (desperate buyers want but cant get their hands on). so have a look on this forum for instance and find a very new cracked software or something that people are wanting, then download it to your computer.

Step 2:

Find a PPD site (Paid to download) site

Among many i use here is one that iv been using lately they pay well and on time. And they have many tools to help you.


This part is very simple all you need to do is sign up and once you create your account, upload the software or what ever you might have found to your site take the link that is given and promote this link, now every time someone visits this link they are asked to fill in a survey to get it. Bam you earn money every time someone downloads your offer.

Step 3:

Now its time to get traffic. The fun part :)
we will be promoting these links through various methods you-tube works the best as they rank really fast.

a few ways to share your links are through.

YouTube: (you may use other video sites as well)
Create YouTube videos as many as you can based on the product they are trying to get upload them do a little seo and your done.

Torrent sites:
(Create a zip file with a notepad file inside of it with your link in it telling them to follow the link to get the product rename the zip file the product)
Upload files to torrent sites with names of things people want then when they download and unzip the file they will have a text notepad telling them to go to this link to get the product, Very simple but effective)

All you need to do is blast loads and loads of links around on the net via blog comments, forum posts, bookmarks, you name it go hard as the more you get out there the more you will earn. If you have a little to spend head on over to and buy some gigs to get it done for you, time is money :)

There you go these methods are very effective for promoting PPD offers so go hard and earn some money!


(Method 2) MMR (Master resale rights)

What we will be doing here is creating a wp site buying an MRR product so we can then promote and make %100 Commission from and you get paid directly to your paypal account.

Step 1: you will need the following,


Step 2: you will need a MRR product, allot of these products come with sales pages and everything all you need to do is upload them to your server link it to your Paypal and away you go. So head on over to


and find a product that are in demand and that you think looks great, don't just go and buy it make sure you look at the demo site and everything and make sure it has what your looking for Buyers emotion, desperation has a target audience that is in demand.

These products usually come with instructions on how to upload and edit well the ones iv used have anyway. So buy the product upload it to your server change paypal link, there might be a couple of other parts that need to be changed for your own branding but thats very simple and you should be able to work that out, Very hard for me to explain here)

Step 3: Traffic

You can use the same YouTube method as shown in method 1

use the same methods shown in method 1


I wont go to far into this as there are plenty of free tuts out there that show you how to use ppc and ppv advertising, but use your imagination to is your promoting something that's about weight loss think of other places to advertise like (plenty of fish) advertising is endless.

Anyway hope you like what iv got to share sorry if its a bit all over the shop not really a typist lol

Hope you all take action and earn some money Remember that without taking action you will never get anywhere this is the number 1 reason that most internet marketers fail. Even try to take what iv given and change it up a bit then outsource.


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