[Method+Bot]Tumblr -easy 50$ /day for 1 Hr work

[Method+Bot]Tumblr -easy 50$ /day for 1 Hr work 
Tumblr reblogging method and BOT

This is not my method neither the bot , so the credit goes to the op , the method is pretty easy and can be done manually very easily but if someone wants to scale the S*** up , i have provided a Bot also

Best of luck and make some cash now

Method explained 

Here is a simple step by step that should make you your first $1.00 within 1-2 days. It's obviously very scalable if you're willing to put in the work.

1) Sign up for a "Tumblr" Account.

2) Verify your email.

[Image: 2cfvams.png]

3) Click on "Pick avatar".

[Image: wsqpno.png]

4) Upload a nice avatar image. Tick all the boxes beside Reply/Ask/Submissions. Save settings.

[Image: 2u6k2uf.png]

5) Click "Customize Appearance"

6) Default theme is fine if you want, but change the Colors, Title, and Description. Click Save, then Close.

[Image: 1230e4y.png]

7) Open your main Tumblr page, and Search for something related to what you want to promote.

[Image: dwt015.png]

8) When you see a nice image you want to post, hit "Reblog".

[Image: 1433v2p.png]

9) Fill in a few Tags, a short comment, and MOST IMPORTANT the CONTENT SOURCE is your Affiliate Link. I prefer to use amazon associates, but you're welcome to choose your favorite.

[Image: 3507awx.png]

10) Hit Reblog post.

11) Repeat steps 7-10 as much as you can to get tons of content.

Tips to make it work:
Use *marked as SPAM* short links for easy tracking of clicks.
Use unique links to see which images convert the best.
Try to post about current trends and things teenagers care about.
Original uploads work 1000X better then reblogs.
Test lots of different tags to see which get the most searches.

Optionally, you can connect your Tumblr Account to a Twitter account for extra visitors with no extra work. I suggest you do this, because many people who use Tumblr also use Twitter.


New version of the Tumblr Reblog Bot (v0.6)

  • Written in PHP, so should be multiplatform
  • Works via the tumblr API
  • Checks your dashboard for posts it might be able to reblog
  • Can be any kind of post. You can configure what kind needs to be reblogged or all kinds
  • You can set a default minimum notes count and a specific minimum notes count per user, to filter what posts are worth reblogging.
  • You can set a maximum notes count to avoid reblogging posts where your backlink might get lost in the long notelist. (backlinks will generate more followers on tumblr, this is not meant for SEO)
  • The bot automatically likes all posts it reblogs
  • Can be run on likeonly mode, only liking posts and not reblogging them. Could be usefull for doing mass likes
  • Can reblog/like multiple posts per run.
  • You can set a delay between the runs.
  • Ignorelist to ignore tumblrs that are not in your niche or who have low quality posts
  • Whitelist if you want to ignore everyone except the ones you specify here. Can be used to follow a followtrain or to use as a leaf in a tumblr-net where you only reblog your money tumblr.
  • re-added historyfile since the dashboard is cached and liked-posts are not always accurate causing doubleposts.
  • historyfile now uses unique value to identify posts instead of non-unique post-id
  • Added whitelist and ignorelist
  • historyfile is no longer used, posts that are liked by your tumblr will not be reblogged, since every post that the bot reblogs is also liked, it can recognize posts it has reblogged before. (thx to jaypee for the idea)
  • added maxnotecount so you can avoid reblogging posts with very much notes (thx to JacobBeasly for the tip)
  • added likeonly functionality to provide masslike (thx to p0k3r for the tip)
  • Initial release
Settings can be found at the top of the file and should be self explainatory:

PHP Code:
//login (email address) for the tumblr you are going to run this bot on.
$tumblr_email        =    'your.email@address.com';

//password of the tumblr in question
$tumblr_password     =     'secretpassword';

//name of the tumble, eg if your url is demo.tumblr.com this would be 'demo'
$tumblr_name        =     'mytumblr';

//run every $sleep seconds
$sleep = 300;

//reblog what posttype ?
//can be text, quote, photo, link, chat, video, or audio
//comment out to allow all post types.
$posttype = 'photo';

//how many notes does a post need before reposting ?
$defaultNeedNoteCount = 50;

//you can add specific noteneeds per tumblr log name (for demo.tumblr.com this would be demo).
$specificNeedNoteCount = array(
    //'demo'       =>   50,
    //'tumblrlog1' =>    10,
    //'tumblrlog2' =>    5,
    //'tumblrlog3' =>    200
    /*etc.. never end the last one with a , (comma), all the others have to end with a , (comma) !  */
    /*if you have only one don't put in a , (comma) at the end.                                        */

//how many notes can a post maximum have ? comment out to allow unlimited
$maxnotecount = 500;

//you can also add tumblrs to ignore. nice to ignore people you follow who are not in your niche
//leave empty to disable.
$ignorelist = array(

//if you set the whitelist, only tumblrs that are on here will be reblogged. all others will be ignored.
//this might be handy if you want to follow a 'followtrain' or if this is a leaf in your tumblr-net
//leave empty to disable.
$whitelist = array(

//number of posts to reblog per time we get the dashboard xml.
$reblogcount = 2;

//set this to true if you only want to like posts (masslike) but not reblog them.
//warning: the bot will not reblog them later on if you set this back to false since they are already liked.
$likeonly = false;

//where should we save the history ?
$historyfile = 'history.txt';
Running the bot would look like this:

[16:30:27] Starting tumblr reblog-bot v0.6 for  your.email@address.com [16:30:27] Getting dashboard via API [16:30:34]  Received XML data [16:30:35] Got 16 candidate posts for reblogging  [16:30:35] Rebloging post 26235xxxxx (PGXSnnnn) from xxxxxxxxx  [16:30:35] Post successfull with ID 2623761152 [16:30:35] Liking post  26235xxxxx (PGXSnnnn) from xxxxxxxxx [16:30:36] Liked post 26235xxxxx.  [16:30:36] Rebloging post 26237xxxxx (f1Honnnn) from yyyyyyy [16:30:36]  Post successfull with ID 26237xxxxx [16:30:36] Liking post 26237xxxxx  (f1Honnnn) from yyyyyyy [16:30:36] Liked post 26237xxxxx. [16:30:36]  Sleeping 300 seconds [16:35:36] Getting dashboard via API [16:35:41]  Received XML data [16:35:41] Got 15 candidate posts for reblogging  [16:35:41] Rebloging post 26237xxxxx (B8dennnn) from aaaaaa [16:35:42]  Post successfull with ID 26237xxxxx [16:35:42] Liking post 26237xxxxx  (B8dennnn) from aaaaaa [16:35:42] Liked post 26237xxxxx. [16:35:42]  Rebloging post 26235xxxxx (2ykfnnnn) from bbbbbb [16:35:42] Post  successfull with ID 26237xxxxx [16:35:42] Liking post 26235xxxxx  (2ykfnnnn) from bbbbbb [16:35:43] Liked post 26235xxxxx. [16:35:43]  Sleeping 300 seconds etc...
How to run the bot:
Running the bot requires you to have a CLI version of PHP 5.2.x with the cURL and DOM modules enabled. The bot should be run from the commandline.
I have only tested this on Debian Lenny but it should work on any linuxrelease and even on the windows or mac version of PHP.

When running on linux it might be interesting to run it inside a screen, especially if it runs on a dedicated server or vps, so you don't have to leave the session connected.

Run the bot with the following command:
Linux or mac:

Code: cd /directory/of/the/bot php ./reblogbot.php
Windows: (make sure that the location of php.exe is in your PATH environmont variable)

Code: cd \directory\of\the\bot php reblogbot.php
Demo(showing the result of a tumblr running this bot)

Code: http://lotsoflaughs.tumblr.com/
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