Download Rootkit Revealer 1.71 Free Anti-spyware

Download Rootkit Revealer 1.71RoootkitRevealer is an the Advanced tool to detect the rootkits. It works on Windows NT 4 and Top and registration lists production and contradictions file system API that may indicate the presence of a rootkit in user mode or kernel mode.

Rootkits Rootkits reveals successful continuously up to AFX, and defeat HackerDefender (Note: It is not intended to detect rootkits for rootkits like Fu that do not try to hide files or registry keys).

ago rootkits continuing work by changing API results so that the point of view of the system using APIs differs from the actual point of consideration in storage, and compares the results rootkit scanning system at the highest level with it at the lowest level. The highest level is the Windows API and the lowest level is the raw contents of the file the system or the size of the registry hive (hive file is disk storage format pen).

Thus, rootkits, whether user mode or a kernel, which manipulates API API Windows or mother to remove the presence of the directory list, for example, will be considered by the rootkit and a discrepancy between the information that is returned from the Windows API, which saw in the exploration oil structures FAT or NTFS file system volume.

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